Gone But Not Forgotten

This page is dedicated to our Bull Terrier's
that have past away over ther years. 

Ch Kubhaven Blackcaddy
2014 - 2017
On the 30th May 2017 Carol, Stan & Jason said 
goodbye to Caddy as she left our world to run
 with all the other Bull Terriers & dogs 
running around at Rainbow Bridge,

Caddy is sadly missed by the Krawcyzk family. 

Keory Kelarni
Our quite loveable Larni
has gone to join her mates
over at Rainbow Bridge

Ch Kubhaven Bullwinkle (ROM)

2005 - 2012

Bitten by a snake on 19.12.12
taken from us way to early,
he is sadly missed my

us all here a Aurfield.

Ch Keory Kocomo

2001 -2012
Koco was owned, loved & spoilt by
Carol & all her famly  

Kubhaven Bulltorie
2002 - 2012
Rebel was loved, owned & spoilt by
Carol & all her family


Ch Keory Klasstoo

     1999 - 2
  Narelle was loved & owned by us here
  at Aurfield she came to live with us
  when she was only 6 months old

      & lived to the ripe old age of 11.      

Ch Kubhaven Breezylady
1996 - 2006
Our lovable girl Breeze who loved everyone and

never had a cross moment with anyone just past
away peacefully one morning she was not quite 10

 Ch Kubhaven Blackspecs
1995 - 1998
Specs our little live wire did lots of winning for us
but was taken from us to early as the result of a
dog bone getting lodge in her throat. 

Ch Teaceress Mr Magoo
1990 - 1998
Brutus was my first show dog and when he was
about 18 months old we found out he had a heart
 murmur we where unable to breed from him,
he was nearly 9 years old not bad for a dog with
heart murmur. 
















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