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Rusty 1991 - 2004

Rusty winning BOB Royal Canberra 1996

Rusty is the Start of a great friendship which started in early 1992 when Carol came to buy Rusty as a pet & ended up showing him until he was 9 years old, he won lots of things over the years, he loved people & he had the most wonderful temperment, he grew up with an Aust Cattle Dog named Tiger, he managed to make her realize he was the boss & when she died a Kelpy named Kel came to live with the family & Rusty made sure he was still the boss they were great mates right up until he died at the age of 12.5

The photo above is of Carol and Rusty at one of the many shows in Canberra that they attend as you can see they were a real team. Rusty is one Bull Terrier that we as a small band of exhibtors can never forget he didn't win lots of major prizes, he had his share of prizes in groups & lots of people loved Rusty even if they were not a Bull Terrier person, he may not have been a big winner in the ring but he was a big winner outside the ring and that means lots more to us plus a great friendship was made from this one small dog. You will find some more photos of Rusty below.

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